Side Jobs You Can Do Without Affecting Your Education.

As a student, stretching out your pocket money can be very challenging indeed. After all, you’ve got to manage food, emergency clothes buying, dating expenses and so much more in it. And the worse part? You heavy and unpredictable study schedule makes sure you can’t take up a job to cover your expenses. But have you considered side jobs? No? then here are a few of our suggestions to try…!

  • Organizing parties for all – let’s face it; it takes a college student to know how to get a really rocking party happening. Having plenty of “human resource” (aka: friends!) means you’ll know exactly who to approach if you want the best yet cheapest food, drinks, and even the best DJs. And if you can throw a mind blowing party for yourself; why not do it for someone else if you get paid for it? Trust us, this can be simpler than you think. Just make sure not to take in any appointments during your exams…!
  • When cleaning is natural – are you someone who is naturally tidy? Is your dorm room the tidiest; despite being bogged with work? Do you think you’ll enjoy designing or organizing someone else’s dorm room? What about part time cleaning Singapore; where you can provide a service if you are available? Do give these a thought…
  • Fulfilling someone’s sweet cravings – are you someone lucky enough to be living on your own? Do you have a workable kitchen; regardless to however small it may be? Do you enjoy baking? If you answered yes to all of these questions, ask yourself one more; would you like to bake things for order? Sweets, cakes…whatever is your forte. Trust us; homemade baked goodies are something most people don’t mind splurging on. For further information about moving out cleaning please click here.
  • Capturing someone else’s memories – thanks to smartphones and the thousands of editing apps, every one is a photographer now-a-days. However, there’s more to photographs than a few selfies. If you have a professional camera, and you like photography, you can make your money by capturing other people’s memories; as an event photographer. Does your talent lie more on sceneries than people? Then consider becoming a photo guide; someone who shows tourists just the right places to take pictures at. Again, it’s a job you can indulge in either weekends, or times that you are relatively free.

Making someone’s inner beauty come alive –isn’t that what make up is about? It’s an art, a passion. A way to make people feel good about themselves by emphasizing their looks and hiding (what they think are) their faults. If you are good at makeup, and like sharing your skills with others, then a makeup artist could be your (side) calling! From dates, to prom to even weddings; our own classmates could be your best clients.