Simple Engagement Ideas That Should Definitely Be Used

More than a wedding and engagement is something which stays close to your heart. Because, the couples officially exchange a ring and inform the world that they belong to each other. This is very emotional too, hence they must have been waiting for this one day forever. Unlike western countries where the parents usually approve of love marriages, Asian parents are usually not a fan of love marriages. Thus, the struggle is real. So let it be for the girl or guy, they will be the happiest once they get the blessings of their parents and family. Therefore, if they plan on having a grand wedding, they can always opt for a simple engagement, but making it as beautiful as possible is something every couple would want to.

Beach Engagements

Why not try a beach style engagement this time? Haven’t anyone given it a thought? Because in most countries which are basically island, beach wedding and beach engagements are special. They design it in a natural way, which looks more spontaneous and unique. Contact a qualified florist and ask for decorative tips, because who said you cannot use blooms at a beach engagement party.  Apart from that, you can use palm leaves and create tents to make it more traditional. In most islands, they also get the locals to play the drum and get them to dance in their traditional entire. When it comes to food, since it’s at the beach, providing seafood would be a good combination. You can go for a buffet style, but with plenty of seafood dishes to choose from. But in case if any of your guests are vegans or are allergic to seafood, you can always have a backup menu ready, specially designed for people with health conditions. However, no matter what you provide if the presentation is not impressive, the guests are not going to get impressed either.


Presentation is one of the most important criteria to tap into when it comes to parties. Because just like mentioned above if the presentation is crappy, the people are obviously going to mock about it when they are back home. Thus, if you are choosing a theme, stick to it. Don’t keep combining several themes together. For example, ask your gift and hamper florist Malaysia to use hibiscus and old kind of island flowers to decorate it instead of roses and what not. Because that way it stays in line with the whole beach and island vibes.

Also, if that country is famous for producing their own arrack or beer, you can add it as a goodie to take back home as well. Also, another main way to bring in the traditional vibe is to use coconut shells when placing the lights or candles, so that at night it will look magical.

Thus, make use of these simple ideas and make your engagement unique and budget friendly!