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Techniques That Jiu Jitsu Students Must Learn

March 6, 2017 • Sean Beit

There are many techniques that a jiu jitsu person must strive to learn. You will have to learn the best ways for you to move around. You will also have to learn as to how you can attack your opponents. Some techniques might be too difficult for you to handle if you do not practice well. Here are some techniques that all jiu jitsu students must learn:

SIDE ESCAPE TECHNIQUEYou can use this position when you are starting out in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons in Singapore well until you receive your black belt. It is important that you do learn the best way for you to move the hip area well from the bottom. You will also have to gradually learn the best hip movements possible. You can then combine and use both together.

THE SCISSOR MOVE This method involves you to sweep across a floor area. You can put the opponent off balance, move your hip area in an angle, control your grip on the opponent and use your leg strength. It combines several methods together with the triangle as well as the choke method.

SUFFOCATE UTILIZING A GUARD You can focus on the triangle method where you can choke one of the opponents. It will work extremely well even through the white belt level, black belt level, MMA as well as other competitions worldwide. You can use several your limbs to attack as well as choke the person. It is the main method to be utilized when you are confronted with someone who is a lot bigger than you are. Try to utilize the Muay Thai skill if possible too. If you are interested about mixed martial arts classes you can visit this site

COLLAR CHOKE METHODThis method also utilizes the guard. You can use your sleeve on the collar of your opponent to lock him or her in place. It will teach you the best way for you to control other person’s head movements and stifle their body movements too. If you do it properly you can render someone unconscious for a period of time. You must get your hand deep into the opponent’s collar area. It must allow you to grab on to his or her tag on the collar too. The task of practicing for jiu jitsu is not an easy one. You will have to practice at home too. You will then be able to utilize the best method to attack. It will come through experience. You can even practice with a sibling or friend if you want to become good at what you are doing. Do not forget to read reviews online on clubs and centers which offer the sport in your area.

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