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What Not To Give At a Baby Shower

January 31, 2017 • Sean Beit

There is plenty of advice available on what to take to certain events like showers for the new one still in your friend’s tummy. Presents that will be useful, that will be adorable and that will put a smile on their faces are all welcome. However, there isn’t much literature on what NOT to get so here are some things that are useless, tactless or downright horrifying at a shower.

Jumpers, Rompers and Other ClothesAn infant grows incredibly fast during the first 6 months, so fast that something that fit the infants two weeks ago may not fit them anymore. If you really, really want to buy clothes for infants then get them something that they can wear once they are 1 year old. Anything before that will either be too big, too small or only worn for a short while. This is especially true of baby gifts online since they almost never the size you think they are by looking at the pictures on the site.

Too Many LaughsUnless you plan on bringing a backup or your friend has a wacky sense of humour, do not take gag gifts to a baby shower. There may be some suggestions on the reliable online baby store in Singapore that you check, but these events are actually a subtle way to help out the mom-to-be financially, since having a baby and then caring for one is very expensive. So do not take a present that will be useless for the mom; take something that will help her out, like a big pack of diapers.

Gifts for the ParentsThis one is a little tricky because taking something like chocolate to your friend could be appreciated; a bottle of wine would send a message that they are going to need the alcohol because of what is coming up. So if you really want to take something for your friend or her partner, make sure you also take something for the baby.

Gender BenderParents nowadays are less particular about ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ stuff because the discourse on gender is slowly permeating to popular society and parents understand that forcing their child to conform to a gender they don’t identify with is wrong. So try not to take things that are obviously ‘girly’ or ‘boyish’, especially if the parents have not announced the sex of the baby and/or they don’t know yet.

So have fun at the shower and help your friend have fun too but be very careful not to spoil the mood by taking the wrong presents.

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