Ideas For Throwing An Office Christmas Party

It’s the time of the year when every office is eagerly waiting for the year end celebration. This is the perfect time to celebrate and appreciate the hard work of all the employees. It is also a great way to present to the employees the new changes of the next year and motivate them to boost their passion for work. Planning a company’s year-end celebration is no easy task. It must be planned well and care must be given to not overdoing it and making a mess of things. The purpose of throwing such a party is to get the employee spirits high and ready for the coming year, and the following ideas will help you achieve just that.

Planning and making up an agenda.
First you need to pick a date which will be convenient for all and inform the staff as early as possible so that everyone keeps the date free. Once that is done you need to hunt for a venue. It’s usually better if it’s not in the office itself but somewhere close to the workplace so it’ll be easily accessible to all. Next you have to see to the activities, prize distribution and the time taken for all this, and to make sure the associates aren’t going to get bored if its time consuming. As for the food and snacks department, outsource the job to a food catering services Singapore provider which will take a load of your back.

Decorations, Games and activities.
It’s best to pick a theme for the night which will also boost the excitement of the evening. You can also arrange a few head dressings and some bands for the hand that tags along with the theme, so that everyone can wear something similar on them and it will also be a symbol of remembrance afterwards.

Organizing the Food and Menu
Your guests will be expecting different kinds of food from the time they walk into the reception, till they step outside and you will have to cater to all these needs. If your organization is home to corporate employees belonging to several ethnic groups and religions, they will prefer unique food types in addition to the traditional Christmas treats. The best option will be buffet catering in Singapore, so you can ensure you don’t run out of food and have a variety of them. You can order different types of bites and snacks for the beginning and main course with different varieties so that everyone will have enough to eat and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Entertainment and rewarding employees
Upbeat and music will keep up the crowd, it will encourage them to the dance floor and socialize. Don’t ever overdo the evening, and not allocate time for the associates to talk to everyone and mingle with others from other departments. The management can also use this time to move around with the associates. It is always a must to appreciate the associates and reward them for the hard work and loyalty. Which will also motivate them for a better year ahead for them as well as for the company. You can also introduce the new staff and motivate them by talking about other associates achievements during the past year.