How To Start Your Own Blog

Blogs have become all about sharing your experiences or your thoughts and ideas. Writing about your experiences and getting feedback from the community can be very educational. While communicating with people you will get new ideas and opinions from different people. As you grow the blog grows as well. As you share your ideas, experiences and opinions people will share their ideas, experiences and opinions as well.

Writing a blog also improves your literary skills. It makes you a better writer and improves your language skills. Another positive in starting your blog is that you could earn money from it. That’s one of the reasons most people choose to start a blog.

Starting a blog requires a few things to be sorted out. You could either have a video blog also known as vlogging or a normal blog. Here is how you start a blog

Choosing a blogging platform
The most popular blogging platform is WordPress. It is currently the biggest blogging platform and over 82 million active users. There are other options such as Blogger and Tumblr. They are similar to a web design company but with a fix template for blogging. After choosing your blogging platform you will have to choose from the free or paid option.

The free option can be quite limiting such as the number of uploads being limited, there aren’t many designs, your blog can be deleted by WordPress and the hosts name will be on the blogs address or URL.

The paid option includes unlimited uploads, many themes, your blog can’t be deleted as it is owned by you and your web address or URL will be your own.

Find a host
You may need a hosting platform for your paid site to be discovered on the internet. The hosting solution should be able to install WordPress on your blog. The free option will be hosted on WordPress itself but as stated above the blog will be extremely limited.

Designing the Blog
You can now design your blog the way you want it. You could either choose from the themes on WordPress or purchase a theme. Choose a theme that is easy and comfortable for you. In the case you don’t like your theme you can change it if you wish to. If you don’t mind spending you could get a web design company Singapore created for yourself. This may cost quite a bit but it will be tailored to your exact needs.

Once you complete this you are free to start writing and posting on your blog.