Ways To Introduce A Second Language To Your Child

If you are concerned about your child growing up in an international environment where the native language is not taught, you are not alone. With several international cities have immigrant families from different parts of the world, these families often struggle to hold onto their cultural identities and pass it on to their next generation. As their children grow up in a different environment, many fear that they are unable to provide their children the right exposure to their native language and culture. There are ways, however, through which parents can help children have the basic exposure to their native culture, customs and language.

Speak it at home

One of the best ways to teach a child a native or second language is to speak the language. Even if a child is learning an international language in school, if parents bring up their children by speaking their native tongue at home, children are bound to pick up the language, certain words, expressions and so forth. Any second language, which is encouraged through conversations, reading, and writing or through audio visual aids, will help a child to learn and inculcate the same. For such reasons many parents send their children to Mandarin lessons for kids.

Explore cultural activities

Another great way to make your child get familiar with a culture and tradition as well as a language is to involve them in different cultural activities. When traditional ceremonies come by, ensure that you get them introduced and involved in the same. Speak the language, sing the popular native tunes and help children be surrounded by native language speaking relatives. If possible, take your children back home when traditional ceremonies or festivals are held. For Chinese communities that can be a form of Chinese enrichment for kids.

Learning or play apps

Nowadays there are language based apps available for mobile devices. If your hurried lifestyle leaves you little time to converse or engage in traditional activities for helping your child develop a second language skills, such apps can come of use. When a child has basic second language skills you can help to strengthen the same by getting them fun learning or playful apps to engage with. As children love playing video games on mobile devices, these apps can help them have fun and get familiar with a second language at the same time. There is also language based fun programs organized in different community centers. You could check them out to get your child enrolled in the same.