Web Development Cycle Phase By Phase

If you are asked to explain the development cycle of a soft toy, you might start at the point where they design the soft toy, give measurements to the structure, focus on the amount of material to be used in the product and then move into the stage of actual production part of it which involves stitching, cutting and stuffing of the soft toys. This production is a process of different stages and phases that involved multiple people along the way performing different tasks. Whenever you are asked to describe how a specific soft toy is made you will continue to start from the first phase and go on till the end as one would be incomplete without the continuation of the rest.

Similarly if you look at the effective web development process, this also involves six main stages as to how this process will take place. like in any other development, the first phase would be to collect information or research into things to know what kind of a product to be developed, what is required in order to come up with this output plus how to do it and after having collected the necessary information, the team will then proceed to stage of planning the process.

Planning is another very important phase in this process and when it comes to a web design, you must always have in hand a rough map on how the site will look like and flow like from the main tabs to the sub tabs. It’s very essential that this flow is the natural flow of any general visitor and is not laid in a format that works in a random or rather abrupt format which makes the visitor quite lost in the site. There are instances where we all have visited a certain site and then close right away just because it cannot really serve the purpose right.

Sometime it might be having good deals or information than another but the navigation process might have violated that logical flow or the way it’s designed doesn’t seem quite appealing to us. This designing stage must also be done carefully as the whole outlook and feel of the site is planned at this phase. If the outcome of this phase doesn’t work well with the target audience, nothing else will work into fixing this. Then there is the stage of development using the programming software and tools. Once everything is built, you must test and see if they work well and even after the launching of the actual site, proper maintenance must be done accordingly for better performance.